HereStory FAQ

Q: What is HereStory?

A: HereStory produces mobile apps with content that is historically accurate, accessible, and entertaining for first-time visitors and Civil War history buffs alike.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The HereStory mobile app is free to download, and has in app purchasing to choose the tour you would like to take.

Gettysburg Story Tour – $9.99
Gettysburg For Kids – $3.99

Q: How do I buy and download?

A: The HereStory mobile app can be Downloaded through the App Store for iOS/iPhone devices and on the Google Play for Android devices.

Q: How does it work without cell service?

A: Once downloaded, HereStory does not require cellular or internet service for content playback. The HereStory mobile app is optimized to download in areas with low quality cellular service, like the Gettysburg battlefield, however we recommend downloading over wifi if possible. The Gettysburg Visitor Center has wifi service.

Q: Is it a one time purchase or subscription?

A: HereStory is free to download and individual tours are available for one-time purchase depending on your preferred content.

Q: What is HereStory’s connection to Gettysburg and Civil War History?

HereStory is Made in Gettysburg by Jake Boritt, who grew up and lives on a farm that was used as a hospital during the Gettysburg Battle. In 2010 Jake wrote and produced the “The Gettysburg Story: Battlefield Auto Tour” performed by actor Stephen Lang (‘Avatar’, ‘Gettysburg’). It is now the bestselling audio tour at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Q: Where does the tour start?

A: The First Stop on the HereStory Gettysburg Auto Tour is McPherson Ridge, which is the first stop on the official tour of the battlefield. If you are beginning your visit at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center.

Q: How long is the Gettysburg Auto Tour?

A: Including driving time between stops at the posted speed limits – usually 25 miles per hour on Park roads – your audio auto tour should last between 2-3 hours.